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Hi, fellow Alpine Sports enthusiasts!

I am Allard-Sym Sprenger, an avid runner and cyclist with an insatiable passion for exploring the outdoors. Preferably in good company and always willing to help the sports community and to build it further!

Coming from the Netherlands, where the land is flat, I followed my instincts and have since traded the flat land for an exciting mountain life in Innsbruck, Austria, the origin of my family name.

Sport and health has always been my driving force, but my life journey took an unusual turn. I faced a near-death experience that changed me and made me determined to enjoy life and face life's challenges with new strength and resilience.

Now you will find me on the trails, running through breathtaking landscapes and conquering rugged terrain with a heart full of gratitude. Join me in pushing the boundaries, discovering new trails, sharing the wonders of nature and inspiring each other to live the outdoors to the fullest!

Allard-Sym DNA Trails
Daniel Peer DNA Trails
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I am Daniel Peer

And for the last 20 years running was always an important part of my life.
Running has always fascinated me – being able to just grab my shoes, pants and shirt and start running anywhere and anytime means one thing to me: freedom.

Despite this simplicity, there are still so many different types of "running": track running, road running, mountain running, trail running - with different training requirements. Although, it's not just about setting new personal best records or winning competitions, it's about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring your own physical and mental limits.

Since 2020 I’m back in town, my hometown Innsbruck and I’m enjoying the unique and fascinating landscape surrounding Innsbruck. The possibility to start in the city and to reach so many beautiful trails – only a stone’s throw away – makes Innsbruck for me to one of the best playgrounds to live my passing for running.


My name is Collin van Almkerk

And I am a passionate and ambitious mountain enthusiast.
I get enormous pleasure from exploring the mountains in every possible way. Helping others achieve their goals is one of my greatest passions!

Growing up in the Netherlands, I discovered my love for mountains during a holiday in Austria.

Since then, I decided to make Innsbruck my home and spend as much time as possible among the mountains, accompanied by great company.


Sport, health, and nutrition have been central to my life, which I have therefore made my profession. Based on my experiences, I now share my knowledge in these areas with people who need help or guidance.

You can often see me running or climbing in the mountains around Innsbruck.

Join me in these mountains to become the best version of yourself.

Collin van Almkerk DNA Trails
Nicole Lang DNA Trails
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Nicole Lang

I'm Nicole and I have been living in Innsbruck for 6 years already.

Immediately I fell in love with the city, the people, and of course the mountains, and have never regretted my decision to move to Innsbruck.

Very soon I got interested in outdoor sports, something I had never done before.

And even faster I found many, very good friends out there!
Soulmates who understand why I spend every free second outdoors.

Sport is a social thing for me, I'm almost never alone. Meeting friends, going for a run, and eating ice cream afterwards... I don't need much more to be happy.

And that's why I'm here!
I want to meet new soulmates and maybe show some newbies the beauty of the sports community.
And that they don't have to worry if they are strong enough or not.
We are like a big family and it is not important whether you are fast or not. It's just about exploring these trails TOGETHER!

Running made me stronger.
Physically and mentally✌🏼

So from now on, don't worry and do join 😁


Hi fellow runners and cyclists!


I'm Bente, a recent Innsbruck transplant since early spring. My passion for trail running blossomed during the pandemic, offering both solace and a safe way to connect with friends.


My unending attraction to mountain getaways on my road bike led me to choose this as a permanent lifestyle by making Innsbruck my home. The charm of mountains at our doorstep, the perpetual vacation vibe, and the vibrant sports community captured my heart swiftly!


As a newcomer, I noticed a surprising absence of organized, accessible running and cycling clubs or gatherings despite the abundant road bikers and trail runners around.  As I have met the most amazing people through impromptu sports gatherings here, I am enthusiastic to contribute to the growth of our multisport community!

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