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Logo Max2
Sponsored by Max2

We support tourist regions in developing their products and experiences and help guests and locals to find their way around this range of experiences. What does that mean in concrete terms? We take care of the ideal mountain bike route, the usability-oriented local map or the functioning guidance system (and much more).

Logo Dynafit

DYNAFIT is the brand by athletes, for athletes. Speed is a part of our DNA, and we are driven by our aspiration to equip mountain endurance athletes from head-to-toe, summer, and winter, 365 days a year, with the most efficient gear possible. We know what counts up on the mountain to achieve personal goals and to tap into the best you have. Intelligent materials, innovative technology, and the courage to follow unconventional paths – these are the keys to our success. Minimalist and efficient, but at the same time totally reliable products, with the result that we support discerning athletes on the mountain – whether on ski tour, or trail running, mountaineering or biking.

Our focus: 100% mountain endurance sports 
Dynafit is always in motion, we lay the track, suffer, fight, and always keep moving ahead. Standing still we only know from basking in the success of summiting and enjoying a moment of quiet. There can only be news paths found if someone leads, this is true for mountain sports and our products.

We are pioneers who push the limits of what’s possible. We ourselves overcome the biggest challenges and go to the edge of our limits. Advancement is only possible when you are courageous and never lose sight of your goal. We are faster than our fears but we never lose sight of the necessary respect.


We are fully committed to mountain sports. Pure passion, untiring commitment, and absolute devotion determine everything we do and strive for. Because if you want to achieve a lot, you must be prepared to always give more. Always striving, never sitting, strong-willed, and indefatigable. That’s precisely what defines us. We are athletes who tap into everything that we have to always reach the finish line first.

Black Diamond
Logo Black Diamond

At our core, we are a company of users. That’s who we are. Because of this, the creation of Black Diamond is a process that will never end. Today, you can find us at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, where we are immersed in our commitment to designing and engineering the most innovative mountain equipment in the world.

Mountain sports have a soul. We build our lives around these sports, we live it. That connection we feel lives in the equipment we create. Our equipment tells stories, we tell stories. Great product design has soul. 

We create equipment for the most technical, demanding users in the harshest environments. We endeavor to meet that need with innovation, rigorous engineering, and performance.

Delayon Eyewear

DELAYON Eyewear is the result of our passions and interest for change within the industry. We love snowboarding and skiing so much, that we want to get the most out of every turn we make. In order to get this sensation, we always needed top-notch equipment, yet we could never associate ourselves with the mainstream market. We never really felt accepted as a rider and the classic business concept felt too much top to bottom. As a result, we set off to create a valuable brand bringing high-technology products for a more reasonable price to the slopes. We want our customers to get a high quality and satisfying product and still have a few bucks left in their wallet to hit the slopes the next day. We want you to #RideMore - literally!

Logo Blackroll DNA Trails

We believe that you are the best person to take control of your health, wellbeing and performance. You know your goals, your abilities, your limits, your suffering and your preferences best of all. You decide how to achieve your personal balance between activation and regeneration for a life full of energy and sustainable performance. Because no one knows you better than you know yourself.

We have set ourselves the goal of encouraging you and all people to do something for their own health. Whether you want to get rid of your aches and pains, beat your best time, be a bit fitter, be part of the world's elite or get a good night's sleep. Whatever it is, we offer you the perfect tools, tips and services for your health and performance.

Physio Bergauf Innsbruck
Physio Bergauf - DNA Trails

Our specialities are mountain sports, climbing and running.
We offer a wide range of services for everyone, from physiotherapy, massage to running analysis for everyone. We support you in rehabilitation after injuries, accidents, overuse problems or operations. 

Sports physiotherapy serves as a bridge between sport and therapy. The focus is on
the prevention of injuries or the restoration of full performance.
We offer both amateur and competitive athletes professional care.
Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, our work only ends when the therapy goal has been achieved!
is achieved!

Headstart DNA Trails

A drink that has been proven to increase concentration, promote vitality and reduce stress - all perfectly suited to the requirements of athletes competing in the Olympic Games.

With strength and dynamism, headstart has taken off as an independent company since late 2014, ready to conquer the world.

Today, having taken off as an independent company since the end of 2014, headstart has already achieved considerable success. Our products are not only appreciated by athletes and sports associations, but also in everyday life, in schools, at work and as a healthy refreshment drink with positive added value.

The outlook for the future is promising. headstart strives to continue to develop innovative solutions and revolutionise the world of sports nutrition and performance enhancement.

Our goal is to continue to help people reach their full potential, whether in sport, at work or in everyday life. 

Logo Shokz.webp

Shokz is a popular brand specialised in producing wireless bone conduction headphones. Unlike traditional headphones, which are worn over or inside the ear, Shokz use a technology that transfers sound vibrations through the cheekbones to the inner ear. This keeps the ears open, allowing users to enjoy music and hear ambient sounds at the same time.

Shokz headphones are especially popular among runners, cyclists and other outdoor athletes, as they offer safety benefits by maintaining environmental awareness. They allow users to listen to music or make phone calls without being completely disconnected from the outside world, allowing them to stay safe during their activities.

Himaya Skincare

Are you looking for a premium natural sunscreen that is non whitening and will protect your skin,
whilst not harming the environment. If you are on the ocean, climbing a
mountain, or running an ultra marathon Himaya’s natural sunscreen keeps you
safe from the long-term effects of the sun, whilst protecting the environment.
Himaya has been pioneering mineral sunscreens for sports since 2002. Allowing
you to enjoy your outdoor activity, no matter what elements are involved. Originating
from Ocean and Mountain sports it is water repellent, sweat proof, reef safe, vegan,
and refillable.
Used by Pros, Instructors, Mountain Guides, World & Olympic & XGames Champions since
20 years.

Alpine safety academy 
Alpine safety academy - DNA Trails

Higher. Faster. Further.
Mountain sports have changed massively in recent years. Not least the constant exposure on social media reinforces the natural desire for recognition and entices an increased willingness to take risks. The high demand due to increasing numbers and the rising cost of living make it difficult for young aspiring sportsmen and women to educate themselves comprehensively with regard to alpine dangers.

Alpine safety concerns us all.
With this credo, the Alpine Safety Academy 2022 was founded by representatives from mountain sports, the outdoor industry, tourism and science. Our goal is to increase the safety of our members in the mountains and to offer the next generation a community for further education. Therefore, the safety-related further education of our members forms the core of our association. Our state-certified guides, experts and professional athletes have a broad spectrum of knowledge that enables us to take a multifaceted approach to dealing with alpine dangers.

The Trailrunningcoach
The Trailrunningcoach

The Trailrunning Coach is the expert on training, nutrition to be optimally prepared for your next trail run.
We provide our runners with the best programs, support  and coaching.  

Training programmes based on the latest scientific knowledge and focused on you as an individual.

Nutritional guidance to optimise your performance, training and recovery so that you can enjoy & perform at your best during your next trailrun & race.

The experts of the trailrunning are here for you to coach you!

Rab Equipment
Rab equipment - DNA Trails

We are the Mountain People
Rab equipment, in our ceaseless commitment to Rab’s exacting standards, ingenuity, and pioneering spirit. We make rugged, high performance mountain clothing and equipment that give you absolute protection, comfort and freedom on the trail or peak. 

We continue to find inspiration in the untamed spirit of the mountains where we climb, the friendships we forge on the peak, and our enduring mission: to grow our community of Mountain People and equip them for adventure.

We are committed to putting people at the heart of what we do. From our partners and athletes to our staff and everyone who has used and loved our gear, we are a global community that goes beyond mountains and crags, and it’s up to us to make sure it’s inclusive, diverse, and growing.

We’re on a journey to reduce the impact of our business and drive meaningful change in the way we make, ship, and use our clothing and equipment. We are striving to become more sustainable, reducing our reliance on fluorocarbons, repairing and re-using worn gear, using ever more recycled fabrics and improving the lives of the workers making our products. We work with the whole of our community to find a better way. Together, our journey continues. Join us and share the experience.

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