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‘’Nutrition is the base on which we build our bodies’

Nutrition and running have always held a fascination for me, during all my years running and being active in the mountains. I realized how important good nutrition really is for an athlete, regardless of level or experience. Without proper nutrition and the right nutrients, the body will never achieve its potential, regardless of how hard or how much you train. 
Every sport has different requirements when it comes to what and how much should be eaten and drunk. 

For me, nutrition is an essential part of being an athlete and living a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is about enjoying good food and drinks while nourishing the body and keeping personal goals in mind when choosing what to eat. 

At the beginning of my sports career, I found out how important it is to eat properly and enough. After being injured and not being able to complete workouts, or by feeling very tired after training. 

After finding a nutritional coach I realised how important nutrition is.

With nutrition, I always focus on the goals that someone wants to achieve. Each person has a different body, history, sport, and goals that they want to achieve with nutrition.
Therefore it is very important to have someone by your side who has the experience and the education to help you make the right nutritional decisions. So that you can achieve your goals in a sustainable and realistic manner. 


- Multiple years working with professional cycling teams.
- Registered Sports Dietitian.
- Lifestylecoach
- Experience with high level endurance & strength sports.
- Experienced in treating eating problems / disorders.


Nutritionist DNA Trails


Nutrition has always been my fascination and passion. The possibility to simply make conscious food choices, fuel my body with the right nutrients, and optimize my performance means one thing to me: empowerment. Despite the simplicity of nutrition, there are still so many different aspects to consider: dietary preferences, macronutrient ratios, meal timing, and specific nutritional requirements.

For me, it's not just about achieving specific fitness or weight goals, it's also about understanding the profound impact that nutrition has on overall well-being and longevity. Through my own journey, I have discovered that nutrition is vital for everyone, regardless of their athletic pursuits or personal aspirations.

The goals that someone wants to achieve in their sport and personal life can be very different. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of this and for the coach to use their knowledge in a targeted and careful manner. This ensures that the goals and the path toward achieving them are sustainable, realistic, and personally acceptable.


Balance Successful nutritional coaching is characterized by finding the right balance between nourishing the body with optimal nutrients and enjoying food. It's about creating a positive relationship with food and embracing variety, moderation, and mindfulness.


Coaching Concepts
Coaching Package - standard:
If you decide on the standard package, it includes the following points:
• Initial intake to get to know each other (defining goals, current status, clarification of the coaching concept), about 1 hour.
• 1 x every 2 weeks update moment, either phone, videocall or in person 
• Personalized nutrition guidelines and program.
• 2 follow-up consultations. 
Price €150

Coaching Package - Advanced If you decide on the advanced package, it includes the following points:
• Initial consultation (defining goals, current status, clarification of the coaching concept)
• 1 x weekly update moment, either phone, videocall or in person.
• Personalized nutrition guidelines and menu.
• 3 follow-up consultations

Price €200

Nutrition for trailrunning
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